dewey & associates (d&a) is a national management and strategy consulting practice based in Tampa Bay, Florida that was founded in the year 2000.

The firm does strategic planning for various types of organizations and efforts.  In instances with large collaborations, such as public-private partnerships, the firm leads consensus building and resolves conflict.

The firm also specializes in social marketing and counter-marketing, which are key parts of the firm-owned campaign called Kidz Bite Back, a national model practice in obesity prevention for youth ages 9-12 and their families.

Our small firm (we don’t want to be big) has worked on numerous issues and in various industries, but does nationally innovative and nationally significant work in obesity prevention, juvenile justice reform, and K-12 education foundations.

Sampling of d&a campaigns:

Tobacco Raze video
Obesity Kidz Bite Back video
Obesity Parents Step Up video
Education Education video