dewey & associates (d&a) is a national management and strategy consulting practice that innovates and leads social change and social justice, with national expertise in three emerging youth education issues:
  • Preventing childhood obesity (youth & family health)
  • Reducing arrests for common youth misbehavior (juvenile justice reform)
  • Growing K-12 education foundations (enhancing public education)
Founder Dewey Caruthers is the author of nationally important studies in these areas of expertise.

d&a provides consulting on how to bring social change and social justice to a wide range of issues, helping clients achieve meaningful and measurable outcomes. The small firm (we don't want to be big) is based in Tampa Bay, Florida and was founded in 2000.

Sampling of d&a campaigns:

Tobacco Raze video
Obesity Kidz Bite Back video
Obesity Parents Step Up video
Education Education video